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Photos from Owensboro, Ky (1999)

blessedm2.jpg (36604 bytes)

Blessed Mother Cooking Team (left) won the overall cooking prize by winning the Team Spirit Award, placing second  in chicken and burgoo and third  in mutton. The cooking team for the Fraternal Order of Police won first place in the burgoo category.

Members of the Our Lady of Lourdes Cooking Team check the readiness of their steaming hot burgoo. This team cooked up a very flavorful burgoo and enjoyed themselves, too.

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signmm.jpg (13351 bytes)

Many of the local churches in the Owensboro area will cook and serve burgoo again at their annual picnic. Picnics start at the end of May and continue to mid-September.

The St. Mary Magdalene Cooking Team, which placed second in the overall cooking competition, cleans up their kettles.

marymag.jpg (16593 bytes)

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Professional angler Chuck Devereau is assisted by a young man from the audience as they fished for bass, bluegill and crappie from a 5,000-gallon glass walled tank. Deveverau is a member of the Christian Anglers Society and was invited to be a part of the First Baptist Church's Family Pavillion at the festival.

Face to face, a bass and this young man are sizing up one another through the wall of the glass fish tank.

fish1.jpg (18040 bytes)

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Web masters and burgoo connoisseurs, Kevin Pearl and Molly Daniel, compared notes about Kentucky-style and Arenzville-style burgoo.


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